Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keeping Customers "Tweet"

INNOCENT? Not likely! They know what they're doing and are damn good at it too!

I've been encouraging himself for a while now to embrace the awesome power of social media. It's not just for lol catz and stalking old school friends. Yesterday he got to 200 Twitter followers and marked the occasion with a tweet and an acknowledgment of the follower. This just happened to be the official account for Innocent Ireland.
Hmmm, I expressed my surprise that they weren't already following him. Sure only the other week hadn't they turned up at a rival station literally metres away, in their funky grass covered van and handed out loads of fruity goodies.

He politely tweeted to them this morning "I hear you called into a small radio station just around the corner and didn't pop in to say hello."
Less than 2 hours later he emerged from the studio to discover 2 goodie bags, crammed full of lovely fruity stuff (including socks) hand delivered by Innocent with a great personal note.

He tweeted, I tweeted, envious co-workers in the station tweeted. Innocent replied to us all. It was an absolute masterclass in how brands use social media to promote themselves. Right down to the inclusion of 10 alphabet magnets, cleverly spelling out his name.

I've always loved how Innocent promote themselves. The quirky little messages on their packaging, the annual Big Knit which sees their bottles topped with wooly hats for charity; and of course my absolute favourite is the grass covered promo vehicles. They are a perfect example of how a company does branding and does it exceptionally well. When it comes to being business savy they are anything but innocent.

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